mind the wee ones..

yeh so one day shoe in his wanderin's noticed a weird sign warnin' people to look oot for kids runnin' out in the street. then another one, an another an so on..

anyhoo, shoe collected a bunch, jus for no reason. here's the junk..

some twerpy kids..

some kreepy kids..

olde skool..

an a wee one aboot to get pasted royally...

careful oot there!


shoe was in one of tokyo's OBC's (office bird central) in the kachidoki, wanderin' through the strip, oglin'.. and then caught a sight o' poppoya.

now, poppoya has a good thick n mellow shoyuu broth, on the heavy side, and some wee chashew that ain't too bad. but it's what the noodles bring to the bowl is what's goin to decide the fate of poppoya.

back in the day, many moons ago, shoe was jus' a stripling wit no concept of how to slurp a noodle proper-like. he'd a wander in to some joint, and refuse ta make that gaddam awful sloopy noise, an eat his noodles jus like spaghetti, all quiet like..

later, shoe started to act like the natives, and made a few stabs at gettin' noodles in his gob jus like he saw on tv. he made a few newbie mistakes..

wrappin' yer lips all tight around the noodles, so that when ya slurp, not only do ya squeegee the juice offa the noodles, ya whip the noodle tips round in evar contracting concentric circles, providin' the neighbouring patrons wit a wee ramen shower.

openin' yer manky gob too much, thereby inhaling scalding hot ramen broth an any wanderin' bits o topping along wit some noodles.

pinching off the noodles mid-slurp, leaving an unsightly mess o' sloppy noodle ends lurching in the bowl.

shoe's got his technique down and everythin'( he don't be ticklin' or nothin...) anyhoo, the nub o the story is poppoya presents a challenge for any veteran noodle-eatin' mother. the noodles are thick as fuck. and hard. and curly. its that combination that make 'em really hard to slurp wit any sorta command.

they're good, jus' hard to eat.. shoe sprayed his crossword an' got a con-de-scen-din' sorta grin from a salaryman type, but the tables were turned when he splatted the window wit his attempt.

so yeh, get on yer game an hit poppoya sometime..

mephitic lurk

from the basics of wine tasting;

The impression the wine leaves in the mouth following swallowing or spitting is referred to as the finish or aftertaste. These characteristics are often different from those detected on the palate while swirling the wine in your mouth.

shoe's gonna coin a new phrase here to describe finish in terms o the ramen. this comes about from having to deal with monster stank breaf for the last three hours cos shoe ate that onion-choked monster ya see above.. >ahem<

mephitic lurk

-the inherent quality of a ramen that imbues the breath of the eater with fetid undertones of rank garlick or onion

shoe's gonna go on a 5 point scale. this one ranks

four stinkbugs outta five. phuckin' onion overload!!

gettin a little nipply in here..

spotted at the don-ki ..you too can have beauty nipple!

shoe actually had a wee debate wit some friends at the local denny's when some bird walked by presumably sportin' a couple o these. lotsa neck-cranin' an sneaky peeks over the coffee counter...

poppa comes thru

shoe wuz bikin' home on a hot afternoon, and decided to have a cheeky lil ramen on the way. a wee mom n pop kinda place, nondescript, empty. ah well, woteva, its kinda late anyway.. shoe slumped in, not expecting much, not seeing much that would change his mind.. just a couple o tired old folks doin some cleaning n junk..

shio looked to be the best bet on this hot day, shio it was.. the order went thru and all went back to cleaning... hmmm.. going to be crapola! shoe was sharpening his critic's knife..

well, no go! the bowl was assembled, and then the ole man behind the counter handed it to shoe an smiled.. 'here ya go' kinda like.. things changed for the better as shoe hit the bowl, a respectable shio, no letdowns, surprises or messes. no crummy aftertaste, no overwhelimin' influx of one flavor, no weird combinations o toppings.. just simple.

yeh, so whats the point? when ya head into no-name places like this (on a sort of hill in the sengawa area) it really is a crapshoot. shoe rolled a hard 4 this time, may not be so lucky the next..


shoe was a wanderin' on the nets, an came across the ramen uranai, where boogers can find their true ramen souls. shoe took the what ramen type are ya? test.

shoe is..


or hiyachu-kun, for short.

shoe also took the what degree of ramen-likey-ness are ya? test.. the envelope pleeze...



so, shoe's got a ways ta go to bring up the 'ole score there...

anyhoo, have a look round, enjoy...

mild n' wild - paradoxical ramen

how can somethin so hot be so mild? a riddle wrapped in an enigma inside a mystery...shoe's wee brain is spinnin' tryin to contemplate things. the tan-tan men at men shounin (previously visited) rocks, solid.

get some o' dat

shoe store spotted at the hachioji.. tee hee snee


smank dab on the kanpachi -dori in setagaya, arashi is of the 'the more garlick the better the bowl' school. that and loads of fat. something just not right with this bowl. paper thin chashew and a weak egg just served to underscore junk. it wa'nt bad, but just wa'nt all that great either.

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